Wednesday, November 14, 2007

*Comfort me Carbs*

For about a week every month, the blessing of being a woman seems to turn into a curse. And what a curse!!! Bodies ache, bloat, and seem to betray us ladies. Not to mention those mood swings, and the unstoppable, unfightable craving for... Carbs.

Ok. Chocolate and carbohydrates. What could be better to gobble down in our most comfortable pajamas and granny undies while sipping a nice warm drink and listening to the cheesiest of music? It is raining outside, and I am alone. The laundry is in the tumbler and it was a full day. Sure, it could be worse. I could be watching Bridget Jones and eating a gallon of ice cream. Or bitchin' non-stop (which is my female god-given right during this week and this week only) about how You never give me enough attention. Oh, it could be worse...

So I promise to be a good girl at any other time. Then I will happily eat all of my spinach, count my calories, keep off the food porn and have an apple a day. For this time being, let me be. Turn over the covers and hand me that plate. Warm bread with butter, muffins and jam, mac and cheese, creamy soup with toast, chocolate cookies and ginger tea... My favorite comfort me carbs.

Double chocolate chip muffins with Nutella

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