Tuesday, November 13, 2007

*Beyond Vanilla*

Vanilla (from thefreedictionary.com):

Noun1.vanillavanilla - any of numerous climbing plants of the genus Vanilla having fleshy leaves and clusters of large waxy highly fragrant white or green or topaz flowers
orchid, orchidaceous plant - any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors
genus Vanilla - large genus of tropical climbing orchids; Old and New Worlds
vanilla orchid, Vanilla planifolia - a climbing orchid bearing a podlike fruit yielding vanilla beans; widely cultivated from Florida southward throughout tropical America

2.vanillavanilla - a flavoring prepared from vanilla beans macerated in alcohol (or imitating vanilla beans)
flavorer, flavoring, flavourer, flavouring, seasoning, seasoner - something added to food primarily for the savor it imparts
vanilla bean - long bean-like fruit; seeds are used as flavoring

3.vanillavanilla - a distinctive fragrant flavor characteristic of vanilla beans
sapidity, savor, savour, smack, flavor, flavour, nip, relish, tang - the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth
Adj.1.vanilla - flavored with vanilla extract; "he liked vanilla ice cream"

2.vanilla - plain and without any extras or adornments; "the most common type of bond is the straight or plain vanilla bond"; "the basic car is known as the vanilla version"
plain - not elaborate or elaborated; simple; "plain food"; "stuck to the plain facts"; "a plain blue suit"; "a plain rectangular brick building"



I am not a real cook. I cook for fun. I am probably more of a gourmand than of a gourmet. A lot of what I make lacks refinement. I do make a lot of mistakes. But I am curious. And I deeply appreciate the enormous amount I have learned with all the Food Porn I currently consume. Yes, food porn. Post over post, dish over dish, photo over photo of luxurious foods and new ingredients, near and far, which only incite my lust.

These past few weeks, I have read more about food than I have eaten. I felt urged to make quantities of food i couldn't possibly consume for the joy of sharing my experiments with others. Sometimes, well, most times, I skip meals. But it is not because food does not matter. It is actually the opposite. Food matters way too much to be made trivial. To be vanilla.

So this is my introduction. A newbie to food blogging, but not to writing. A newbie to sharing, although my Italian background cannot help that food has always been the most important socializing means possible. Food regarded, I am a sinner. And this blog intends to cover exactly this: The delight of indulging. Be it Ramen or Pesto, Cheesecake or Cupcakes, let it be special.




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