Thursday, March 5, 2009


Thanks to college, this is where i've been eating lately.
Yes, its a mess. And that's the radish Kachumber-like salad and and chicken curry stew with soy "milk" cream I'm having for lunch.
Lot's to do. Curry just cooks away while one reads. And that's a good thing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

*Fresh from the Farmers Market*

Fresher than this, only warm from the garden.

According to the Produce for Better Health Foundation, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables are antioxidants, and improve one's immune system functions.

Papaya: Ripe and sweet, they are great for regulating the digestive system.

Persimmon: Also a lovely natural treat, these are rich in Vitamin C.
Green produce is great for strengthening bones and teeth in general.

Avocado: Fat and caloric. Sure, but that's a healthy source of fat with over 20 different vitamins and minerals.

Lime: Uh, vitamin C anyone?

Edamame: Fresh, these make a healthy snack, packed with protein and flavor. Unfortunately, very hard to find around here. Fortunately, they freeze well.

Beet greens and stalks: Obviously, I get mine with the beets still attached. Beets go into the oven and are stored in the fridge, just waiting for a quick weeknight dinner. The greens are fabulous in salads and stir fries, as are the stalks - delicious in rice cakes. Nutritionally, there is lots and lots of iron and vitamin B.

Radish: Ok, these are actually red, as are the beets. Good for your memory, they say. Aside that, radishes and their greens are digestive and also packed with the C vitamin. I just like their tangy flavor and crunch. Oh, those greens are hot!

Basil: It's a spice. And what a spice! Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, its extremely fragant and has a strong flavor. Hummm... pesto!
And now to make a healthy, lovely and tasty salad for lunch!