Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Ohai! Guess that hiatus was longer than I imagined it to be... Not that I haven't been cooking or eating. I have, and quite a lot.
Just seems that the way I eat has changed a lot lately. And its been steering into this direction:

Quite healthy? Quite tasty too... Stir-fried tofu, shitake mushrooms, carrots and string beans with peanut, onions and sesame on a bed of raw spinach and lettuce. By now I have learned to make my own kimchi... to the point I think it's time to graduate from the summer version to the real thing.
It all came together with my farmers market find of the day: purple sweet potatoes or satsuma-imo. Mashed up with a little sesame oil and garlic, it was practically dessert. Pity I only bought a couple of these, along with enormously beautiful mushrooms... if I had only known. True, all the current "talk" about these babies got me craving them... lucky!
A recipe? Well, it's been a while I don't use one, but I don't mind sharing the lovely sauce I dipped all of this into, based on this one:

1/4 cup water
2 tbspoons soy sauce
sugar to taste
1 tspoon rice vinegar
a few drops sesame oil
leeks or green onions

Simmer the sauce for a few minutes. Serve warm.
I have big plans for that other sweet potato. Now excuse me, while I get my weekly fix of Pushing Daisies.