Wednesday, March 19, 2008

*eating healthy take two*

So I fell off the wagon. Real bad. And seems that if I don't get back on quickly, the consequences will be less than pleasant.
Fact is that my muscles are totally screwed from not eating enough healthy foods and not getting enough rest. And life is a severe parent. So I'm missing out on my second favorite thing in the world for a week: dancing class.
Point. And now to get enough amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Whole wheat pasta salad. (prep time: 12 min)

Boil water.
Add a couple handfuls of whole wheat pasta.
Meanwhile, chop up two Roma tomatoes, three big garlic cloves and open a can of sardines or tuna in water.
When pasta is cooked, drain and reserve.
In a non-stick pan drizzle a little oil. Brown garlic.
Add tomatoes and Pasta.
Add fish. Continue to stir.
Add a couple tablespoons light cream, some lime zest and the juice of half a lemon.
Sprinkle with fresh thyme.
Serve with salad and grated Parmesan cheese to taste (or other).
Eating healthy is definitely yummy.

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