Wednesday, January 23, 2008

*soup for a grey chilly summer and a greener coffee*

After a lot of thinking, I guess the reason my mother's coffee is so much more delicious than mine is one: a cloth coffee filter. We use the same brand, the same amount of powder, and all... but that. So yesterday I premiered my new cloth coffee filter, after boiling it the previous day in coffee powder for 10 minutes so that it would lose the "new" taste. For the sake of convenience, I still used my electric coffee maker... but considering this filter is washable and lasts for years, I'll think of it as a greener approach to coffee. And yes, it DOES taste better too.

Its been chilly for the time of the year. We are in January's and whilst the temperature should be hitting 30º C, its been around 21º maximum all week. Not to mention rainy and grayish.
Also me and the Mister started cleaning out the mess room so the entire apartment is chaos. I realized that though I sew as an amateur, I consume as a pro. There are rolls and rolls of bias tape and satin and lace. And two (big) whole boxes of fabric waiting to become something beautiful. Honestly, amidst all that, who wants to cook?
But I craved something warm and spicy. From the freezer came one portion of pre-cooked moyashi beans and four tiny chicken sausages. Two big cloves of garlic sautéed in olive oil, sausages and sesame seeds, salt and ground black pepper and obviously, the mashed up beans. Put it to a boil for about 6 minutes, chopped up some tomatoes and palm heart with poppy seeds and dried parsley as a side, and presto. Warm and comforting lunch in less than 20 minutes.

This week I WILL get around to making that strawberry cheesecake. At least I hope to.

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idíces said...

to morrendo de fome e vim ver seu blog....

quero comer essa comidinha boa, viu?